GT26High Efficiency

The GT26 HE solution is a watershed moment in the evolution of gas power­—blending F- and H-Class technologies on the cutting edge of the power industry.


61% of new power plant installations through 2026 will be renewables.


Regions in Asia are expected to grow 6% per year through 2022.

Clean Energy

Europe alone is targeting a 40% emissions reduction by 2030.

Performance For Today and Tomorrow

Forces transforming the power sector require a new brand of technology. GT26 operators need efficiency, in flexible ways — enter the High Efficiency solution.

Up To 2+% Base-Load Efficiency Improvement Equaling Up To $4 million Annual Fuel Savings
Up To 15-55MWs Output Increase
Interval Extension Up To 32,000 hours
Part-Load Efficiency
Improvement Equaling Up To $1 million Annual Fuel Savings

The Best of Technology Breeds

The strengths of GE's F and H-Class fleets blended into one powerful solution.

Aerodynamic Advancements
Advanced Manufactured Parts
Materials Innovation
Aerodynamic Advancements
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GT26 Innovation A 20-Year Heritage
A 20-Year Heritage

Plant Solutions

Supporting customers’ gas plant as-a-system needs as a single-service provider.

Gas Turbine Steam Turbine Generator HSRG Balance of Plant
Your Support Team
  • Two layers of expertise: Global threads and regional teams
  • Technical project managers for all GT26 service needs
  • A field services team 10,000 strong (FieldCore*)
  • Centered on quality, safety and integrity
Your Services
  • Repair solutions for performance and reliability
  • Full-scope outage services
  • Performance upgrades
  • Multi-year agreements and transactional projects
Innovation & Investment
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Blending the power of hardware and software
  • 200+ million hours of operating data informing new technologies
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